• 28 May 2024

    Lord our God,
    we bless you for your beautiful and good creation,
    but we have hijacked it in our greed to devour its resources,
    we have diverted the purpose for which you created this world to our own comfort.
    Ecological awareness reminds us that saving the planet is in our hands.
    And you continue to entrust it to us to make it beautiful,
    with our love, our conversion, our sharing…
    God, who loves and seeks man down to the depths of his misery,
    blessed are you for the One who is forever reaching out to us, Jesus Christ!
    In Him we are co-creators of the new earth, and for that we thank you.

  • 26 May 2024

    Lord, how long is the road to knowledge.
    Will it take us all eternity to know you and to know ourselves?
    Today we see only a pale reflection, but in the mirror of your Love
    it is your warm, welcoming light that gradually reveals us to ourselves.
    At the beginning of the world you said: “Let there be light” and there was light.
    And that was good. So that your light may be in our lives, keep us in your Name
    so that we may enjoy the benefits of your presence,
    from now until eternity.

  • 25 May 2024

    Dear Lord,
    By your Spirit, fashion for us a simple heart that does not relish sadness
    By your Spirit, give us a faithful and generous heart that forgets no good but rejects evil
    By your Spirit, give us a gentle and humble heart that loves without counting the cost
    Through your Spirit, give us a heart that is wide and open, that is not closed by ingratitude,
    that no indifference wearies.

  • 23 May 2024

    Spirit, source of unity,
    on this new day, teach us to gather the smallest pearl of happiness
    that the dew of your love deposits in the hollow of our hands
    as on the corolla of flowers.
    Teach us to savour these small joys, these rays of sunshine
    and may these sparks of love spread from one to the next
    and light up a multitude.

  • 21 May 2024

    God’s breath that speaks in us more than flesh and blood,
    sometimes without our knowing it,
    to lead us where we do not know, Praise be to you!
    God’s breath that keeps our faith alive, our contemplation of the Scriptures luminous,
    hope serene and strong, Praise be to you!
    Breath of God, fire that burns away the dross of pride, rekindles the ashes of our discouragement
    and dissolve fear, Praise be to you!
    God’s breath for our land
    that makes us speak each other’s language,
    build bridges and crumble the walls of our prejudices, Praise be to you!
    Breath of God, never leave us alone,
    rekindle in us the impulse to pray,
    and the joy of knowing that we are all enveloped in the love of the same Father, Praise be to you!

  • 20 May 2024

    When two or three are gathered in my name
    I am there among them.
    We cling to this promise.
    Blessed are you for being there,
    without looking at our inattentiveness, at our hearts so poorly dressed for the meeting.
    You are there, and to your Name we are grafted to pray,
    You tame for us the silence of God, your Father,
    whom you say is also our Father.
    And you lend us your Spirit,
    so that in our hearts it breathes the unspeakable Name without Him, without You
    Jesus our Brother, first-born, blessed are you to be here
    to gather us together in your Name.

  • 19 May 2024

    they were gathered together in the upper room
    with some women, including Mary,
    they were praying, waiting, as you had told them.
    Our upper room this evening is our hearts,
    they too are filled with expectation
    that our words cannot capture,
    a longing that you yourself never cease to explore.
    Perhaps God created us this way, beings of lack?
    So that we can experience everything
    that it is not this, nor that,
    in every place, that it is neither here nor there.
    So that we may tirelessly seek you,
    you who made us for you.
    So with them, we too stand in the upper room,
    waiting for what you have promised us,
    the Breath of Life, of Life in abundance.

  • 18 May 2024

    God our Father,
    we thank you for your Spirit,
    that great artisan of communication,
    the servant of truth
    who encourages listening, respect and dialogue.
    May He visit us, speak to us again about You
    and speak to You about us who are still on the road.
    We pray this through Jesus, the mediator of Your peace for all ages.

  • 15 May 2024

    Holy Spirit, force of life
    Who ignores the frontiers of cultures and religions,
    past and present,
    come and renew the face of the earth!
    Holy Spirit, force of life
    Who knows how to open the closed doors of our hearts,
    unmask our idols, overthrow the powers,
    come and renew the face of the earth!
    Holy Spirit, force of life
    who frees us from fear and submission to fate
    and inspire oppressed peoples
    with courage,
    come and renew the face of the earth!
    Holy Spirit, force of life
    Who breaks down the barriers of contempt and racism,
    to create links and build bridges,
    come and renew the face of the earth!

  • 13 May 2024

    Jesus, ascend to your Father and our Father,
    may the promised Spirit come!
    May he keep alive in us the fire of the Gospel,
    May it set the earth ablaze!
    May men and women of peace arise,
    inspired by your breath
    to renew the face of the earth
    in your Name, blessed for ever!

  • 11 May 2024

    God, give us to believe that it is good that Jesus is going away
    so that we may continue to wait for his Spirit, always present, always to come,
    to compel us to take our lives in our hands,
    to believe in the living Word of his Gospel,
    to bear witness that what is essential is invisible
    and that from now on his human face shines only in the secret fire of the Church
    which is his body regenerated by the Spirit from age to age.

  • 9 May 2024

    Jesus, risen from the dead, we give you thanks,
    for you call us to share your life to the full.
    With you, today we pass from death to life
    when we love our brothers and sisters. Blessed are you!
    Since Easter, the tombs of fear and hatred
    have been opened by the thrust of Hope. Blessed are you!
    Those who sow in tears, those who walk without support
    will see your face of light. Blessed are you!
    All the losers, the victims of our wars and injustices
    are the first guests at the Father’s table. Blessed are you!

  • 6 May 2024

    Lord, you have the words that give life,
    words that can turn everything upside down,
    words that can raise you from the dead.
    But how will the world hear these words
    if no one proclaims them?
    You count on your Church, you count on us.
    With your Spirit in us, there is no longer any fear,
    for your strength will be ours and the world will know
    that love heals, that love is Peace,
    that Love is You, Lord our God.

  • 5 May 2024

    God our Father,
    bless us for Jesus Christ, who opened the way of giving so that all may have life.
    Give us the courage to set out in the direction of goodness that is stronger than evil.
    Give us the courage to set out in the direction of hope, even when it is still dark.
    Give us the courage to cultivate respect
    even when we feel our complicity with contempt.
    Give us the courage to set out to act with the assurance
    that you will give us manna to sustain our efforts.
    God our Father,
    Jesus Christ prayed for everyone, for those who believe and for those who do not.
    He revealed your concern for us, and for that we thank you.
    With him, we come to you as a church, gathered together by the bread of the word and of mercy,
    in the joy of being loved, freely and freely…

  • 2 May 2024

    Our Father, in this Easter season, we bless you for the beginning of the first Christian communities
    communities, this birth of the Church where something new burst into the religious context…
    religious context…
    We bless you for this courageous beginning of the proclamation of the Risen Christ through persecution
    persecutions, which calls us to be bold in proclaiming this Good News to the world today.
    Through prayer, make us missionaries of your Good News: Christ is Risen! Evil is defeated
    life and love will eventually create this new world where justice and peace will embrace, where the wolf will live
    with the lamb, where relationships will be reconciled. Help us to work together for this through Jesus Christ and in the
    of the Holy Spirit.

  • 30 April 2024

    Jesus Lord, you are the Living One, the Sun of humanity,
    you have come to dwell at the heart of our lives.
    You give to the extent of our desire.
    You offer yourself to each of us as a companion on our journey,
    the Good Samaritan, the Bread of Life.
    You would like to make an eternal covenant with us
    through renewed faith.
    You would like to spend time with us,
    to share our joys and sorrows,
    accompany us through the days…

  • 28 April 2024

    God who knows all about our poverty, our fears, our hunger,
    God whom we call Father in faith,
    give us this bread of essential relationship,
    of relationship with you.
    Thanks be to you Father, through Jesus our Brother and Lord.
    In Him, the unthinkable has been realised:
    death banished from human life.
    It remains for this eternal life to make its way into our mortal flesh,
    in our wounded relationships, in our wavering hope.
    But He has left us His Spirit to carry on His Passover:
    His Spirit of the Risen One!
    We bless you for this, Father, with Him and in Him, for ever.

  • 25 April 2024

    Lord God,
    You know how hard it is for human beings not to return insult for insult,
    to bless those who don’t love us.
    We see it in our own lives, and in global conflicts between countries
    where the escalation of violence seems inexorable, blind and brutal.
    Hope has been shattered and anxiety has taken hold of our hearts.
    What remains of the love from which we expected marvels?
    Repair our cracks, Lord, you who built the foundations of the universe.
    Consolidate our existence, You who fashioned us to be the dwelling place of Your unalterable beauty,
    of Your infinite goodness, eternally

  • 22 April 2024

    Lord God
    As you know, witnessing is not a crusade,
    nor is it about proving anything.
    Baptised in Christ, renewed in the Spirit,
    we speak, we love, we weep, we doubt,
    we work, we laugh, we suffer, we hope,
    like all men, we live!
    But Lord, we beg you to allow us to lead a humble and unostentatious life,
    a daily existence that is clearly founded on Christ and his Gospel.
    In this way, animated by the Spirit, we will forge ever deeper links
    with all humanity and with You, faithful God, for ever and ever.

  • 18 April 2024

    Your Spirit, Lord, is like the wind:
    no one knows where it comes from, but we can see the traces of its passage
    whenever there is peace, trust, love and joy.
    We pray to you: may it dwell in our prayer, guide our steps
    and may our actions and words
    to continue your act of creation and blessing.

  • 15 April 2024

    Before the dawn of the day, your Spirit is already here, Lord our God:
    May it awaken in us the desire to know You and to trust You
    May He speak to us of Your longing to meet us, You who seek us like the merchant
    who leaves everything to find his precious pearl.
    May it help us to hear Your voice in the men and women who cross our path today.
    May He communicate to us Your joy of giving and forgiving, without measure and at every moment.
    May it make our interdependence a springboard for true solidarity, where each of us feels responsible for the happiness of others,
    feels responsible for the happiness of others.

  • 11 April 2024

    Stay with us Lord, now it’s evening
    and we have not yet recognised your face in the poorest of the poor.
    Stay with us Lord, evening is coming
    And we have not yet shared your bread in thanksgiving with those in need.
    Stay with us Lord, evening is coming
    And we have not yet heard your call through the distress of the excluded.
    Stay with us Lord, evening is coming
    And our hearts are still so slow to believe that you had to die
    to rise again and that you are in our midst…
    Stay with us, Lord!

  • 7 April 2024

    Lord, in the depths of our silence, your name sings.
    At the heart of our weaknesses, there is your resurrection that renews life.
    In the depths of our discord, there is a gentle breath that makes peace.
    In the questions of our lives, it’s not your answer,
    It is you yourself, infinitely present, who helps us to answer.
    This, Lord, is what we know about you
    and today our poor hearts have been filled.
    Blessed are you, now and always.

  • 4 April 2024

    Lord, you are the Master of time and the God of our spaces,
    You go ahead of us and lead us through the years,
    You are our guide and our path.

    You who watch silently over the heart of our lives,
    You who give us courage in our darkest despair?
    You are our light and our path.

    You who walk with us and in our midst with no other power than your Love,
    Your silences and Your words lead us to follow You towards a new dawn.
    You are our Saviour and our way.

  • 29 March 2024

    Is that not our faith?
    Acclaiming Jesus Christ, our Master and Lord, one day,
    crucifying him next day, refusing to follow him on the path of total trust in the Father,
    discovering tomorrow his presence by our side in spite of everything.
    Is this not our love?
    Acclaiming one day the one who gave his life to save ours?
    crucifying him next day when selfishness, jealousy and selfishness take over our hearts,
    discovering tomorrow, in spite of everything, the presence of the Risen One
    who has overcome evil and death.
    For faith and love renewed by the sap of spring,
    by the mystery of Christ’s Passover,
    we give you thanks, God of our life.

  • 27 March 2024

    Lord our God,
    something is stirring in your Church,
    as if Moses’ bush were secretly on fire again,
    calling us to new exoduses after so many deserts.
    Help us to understand that we are not walking alone,
    that others elsewhere are reaching out to us
    to pave the way for peace, for the salvation of the world, for compassion.
    Give us the strength to move forward together, in deep water
    and recognise your footsteps, you, the God of our faith,
    Father of Jesus Christ.

  • 25 March 2024

    Christ our brother,
    you lead us to this slow interior transfiguration to conform us to you, little by little.
    Give us the gift of being your healing hands,
    your Word that comforts,
    your action that lifts us up
    so that none of the least of these may be crushed, and so that your praise may rise to the Father with ours
    through your Spirit of Love.

  • 23 March 2024

    Dear Lord,
    may the memory of what you lived among us, in patience and trust
    inspire us even today. May we, freed from our slavery
    may we move forward together towards the land of brotherhood.
    We pray this through Jesus, the mediator of your covenant of peace for all.

  • 20 March 2024

    Lord, we have built a world of noise and agitation,
    you wait for us in silence and peace. Bring us back.
    Lord, we have built a world of privilege and misery,
    You await us in communion. Bring us back, Lord.
    Lord, we have built a world where so many peoples are oppressed,
    you await us in respect and justice. Bring us back, Lord.
    Lord, we have built a world on the law of the strongest and on exclusion,
    you are waiting for us in the gratuitousness of love. Bring us back, Lord.
    Lord, we have built a world of violence and contempt,
    you are waiting for us in welcome and wonder. Bring us back, Lord.

  • 18 March 2024

    Lord God,
    There are words that bring glad tidings when they spread kindness and forgiveness
    human kindness and forgiveness.
    There are gestures that herald glad tidings and show its light when they
    build the human earth on justice and peace.
    There are actions that herald the good news and show its presence when they build the human
    on tenderness and justice.
    To waiting hearts, to awakened minds, you show your tireless closeness.
    We bless you for this, God our Father.
    Give us the gift of making ourselves available to your life,
    To let ourselves be seduced by your passion for humanity.

  • 14 March 2024

    Lord, you often tell us in the Scriptures that we must get down to work. That we must not
    lament the situation we are experiencing today in the Church and in the world.
    There is a challenge of mission. We pray to you, Lord, asking for a greater time to
    to renew our hope. Help us to become aware once again that our baptism makes us
    a missionary of the Good News and a builder of fraternal communion. As we approach
    of the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we experience in a common journey the joy of the Beatitudes and the challenge to love.

  • 11 March 2024

    From the depths of our precariousness, we do not give up, we raise our hands to You!
    We will not bow to fate, but we will bow to You,
    because you are the master of all possibilities, and you want us to stand on our own two feet.
    We stretch out our hands: prayer is our dignity.
    It is the breath that keeps us alive. It is part of your movement of life,
    it creates in us a current of hope. It cleanses and renews all our judgements.
    We stretch out our hands to you, Lord, our hands that break bread every day.
    Make them better able to share, quicker to give. Let them reach out and touch one another,
    to enlarge this body of humanity that sanctifies your Father’s name, in Jesus Christ and in the Spirit.

  • 6 March 2024

    God our Father,
    love enlightens all things
    and Jesus Christ himself is our torch.
    You invite us to look at him, to contemplate the face he gives to your word.
    The face in which you yourself reveal yourself to us.
    The disfigured face of the Crucified One who calls us to follow him
    to discover the true face of the humanity we are.
    Convert us to listening to his words, which are the wisdom of life,
    to faith in his daily presence.
    Let the Gospel of Peace shine on our faces, so that we may pass on to the world
    the light with which he is eternally clothed.

  • 3 March 2024

    A day is drawing to a close
    full of you, Lord.
    a day
    full of your Word
    May it not be forgotten,
    suffocated, swallowed up by the passing of life.
    A day
    full of fraternal presence.
    May we remember the faces
    that lit up our own.
    A day
    full of the sacrament
    that gives life and puts us back in communion with you,
    with others, day after day…

  • 1 March 2025

    Lord, it’s cold on earth because of the loneliness and distress of so many people.
    Lighting a fire to warm up is a simple gesture, one that each of us is capable of…
    Lord our God, help us to do this without ceasing:
    In the image of Christ Jesus, burning with love for this world, teach us to warm, to listen, to console
    those who are alone in their anguish and destitution.
    On the threshold of this Lent, renew our hearts in the gift of ourselves,
    In Jesus, your beloved son, our Master and Lord.

  • 28 February 2024

    Your silence, Lord, is not the silence of abandonment.
    It is the silence of a friend who discreetly stands by the one he loves.
    Help us to respect and love your silence.

    Your discretion, Lord, is not indifference towards us.
    It shows the deep respect you have for us.
    Help us to appreciate and love your discretion.

    We know it, we believe it, Lord,
    in silence and discretion
    You are always close to us and we thank you for it.

  • 25 February 2024

    Lord, we know our fears, our weariness and our resignation.
    But we also know your tireless desire to challenge us to new beginnings.
    May listening to your word and the assurance of your Presence rekindle in us the desire to respond to the call
    that you keep issuing to us.
    May the Spirit who makes all things new, keep us in the joy of being with Jesus and in communion
    with our sisters and brothers along the way for all time.

  • 22 February 2024

    Lord our God, you are overflowing with love for us and we are still calculating.
    Teach us about your generosity!
    You run to meet us and we are still reluctant to take a step.
    Give us a share in your momentum!
    You commit yourself without counting the cost and we are still waiting for certainty.
    Open our hearts to your grace!
    Just when we think we’ve arrived, you’re there, ahead of us, encouraging us to keep going.
    Give us faith in your presence!
    You are always ready to sow with great gestures and large hands, trusting in the seed that will
    Don’t stop believing in us.

  • 18 February 2024

    Holy Spirit, open to us the path of the desert,
    This place of the heart where, in the face of oneself, weapons are silenced;
    This place of listening, where the word of peace is heard in the midst of words;
    This place of trust and friendship where we can live together in peace.
    Holy Spirit, open to us the path of the desert,
    The path of life, of the new life that is the fruit of Jesus’ Passover,
    Offered to our thirst, given like manna for our journey.
    Holy Spirit, guide us on the way of Jesus.

  • 14 February 2024 – Ash Wednesday

    Lord God, you created us in your image, modeled with the fine dust of the ground, you clothed us with the beauty of the divine nature. But we have broken this alliance, lost the likeness, closed our hands on the vanity of idols…So you sent your Son Jesus so that his humanity may clothe these beings of dust that we are with Your light, and that his Spirit may regenerate us! Our dry bones, you want them to live and dance, for your service and the service of our sisters and brothers.

    In this time of Lent, we resume our walk, on the dusty soil of this world, but already renewed in faith, hope and charity, by the grace of the Resurrection of Christ, your only Son and our brother.

  • 31 December 2023

    Lord, God of Life, how many times in the course of this year have we walked through reality as if on a thread above the abyss, with faith in a Promise heard in the hollow of our ears as the only support for our steps, while wars and injustices continue to turn our world upside down? How often, in the midst of threat, has an unsuspected space opened up, a space in which love, creation and relationships are still possible?

    Your coming in our flesh, Lord, did not establish peace or justice on our earth. You have not eliminated evil, you have not protected us from any pain, but you have opened the way to another fullness. That of Tenderness that makes us love life even when we don’t understand it, even when the tragic or the absurd seem to take over.

    For this look that comes to us through the face of Emmanuel and that reminds us that we are all inevitably promised to your Life, Father, we give you thanks, this evening and until the last day.

  • Christmas 25 December 2023

    Since the dawn of time, Lord, the Child has danced with the wind, the stars have come to life beneath his feet, and his steps have woven gold into the void: Blessed art thou for He who saves us!

    The Child is born with a gaze from which there is no escape. A gaze capable of stopping all the world’s wars in an instant. A mirror of the Mystery. Summoned to live, the Child in turn summons.

    The Child casts his gaze over the world like a watchful radar, a lie detector, a blotter of truth. He summons us to be who we are, in the truest sense of ourselves.

    The new-born Child in the midst of uncertainty tells us that we are permanently vulnerable, that there is not much earth under our feet and not much shelter over our heads. But it also tells us that being vulnerable can be the best part of our lives.

    The Child who is born is the emergence of Life at the height of chaos. The intimate intertwining of life and danger. It is the cross that our baptisms as the living draw on all our foreheads. Blessed are you, Lord, for He who saves us!

    Lord, God of the impossible, this morning a newborn child bears the Hope of the world. He stands there, in the breach, in almost nothing. But in height and depth, everything is immense: everything is possible. May we know how to stand there with the Child, in the vibrant moment of perhaps, in you, God, at the Source of Life, to carry the Hope of the world, together.

  • 1 December 2023 – For opening of COP28

    As COP 28 gets underway, bless you for reminding us, along with Pope Francis, that the suffering of mankind and the earth are inextricably linked.

    Blessed are you for reminding us that we all have a share of responsibility, however small our gestures of conversion and sobriety;

    Blessed are you for reminding us that our horizons touch and that what happens far away has origins and repercussions in what we have set in motion here;

    Blessed are you for reminding us that thousands of brothers and sisters must flee a land that has become uninhabitable and that we have a duty to welcome them because we are responsible for what has ruined their economic balance, their land and their cultural know-how;

    Blessed are you for reminding us that neither the earth, nor the oceans, nor the forests belong to us and are not commodities that can be bought and sold for the benefit of the rich.

  • 30 November 2023

    The fire still rages today, often in the midst of general indifference. You have said how blessed we are to be persecuted, but we who have suffered so little for your name’s sake, dare we praise you for them?
    They are robbed of their possessions and accept the conditions of pariah citizens. For their destitution and for their faith, be praised Lord.
    They lose their jobs and suffer discrimination and injustice. For their perseverance and for their faith, praise the Lord.
    Their places of worship are burnt down and they are forced to go underground to gather. For their courage and faith, Lord, be praised.
    They share in the mystery of your Cross and draw their hope from the victory of Easter. For their joy and for their faith, be praised Lord.
    For these sisters and brothers who honour your Name and carry us in the half-heartedness of our faith, we dare to call you Father.

  • 30 September 2023

    Blessed are you, Lord our God, for the joy of journeying together as a people! This evening we want to graft our prayer onto the one that rises up to you from Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, where sisters and brothers in Christ have gathered from all over the world. On them, as on all of us, we call your Holy Spirit, Counsellor and Guide.

    On the brothers of Taizé who are at the origin of this gathering, on the young people who have come to join them, on the members of the Synodal Assembly of the Catholic Church, on the leaders and delegates of the different Churches and Christian Communities, on the multitude of other people throughout the world who, like us, are in prayer this evening.

    With all these people, we give you thanks, God, Source of all gifts, for the steps already taken along the synodal path since its opening in 2021.

    Thanks be to you for the journey towards Christian Unity, a Unity that is already very real, experienced in so many places, and which allows us to hope that theological reflection will also follow.

    Thanks be to you for helping us to discover that the other is a gift, that those whom we see as marginalised, in society and in the Church, truly help us to widen the space of the tent.

    Thanks be to you for all those who create peace around them, for the witnesses who, in the midst of our wars or in the midst of an exodus, live and act as sons and daughters of God, inhabited by the Peace of the Risen Christ.

    Thanks be to you for the gift of Creation and for those who commit body and soul to caring for our Common Home.

    Receive as our evening offering, God our Father, our hearts filled with gratitude, our willingness to walk together and unite our voices in prayer, our hope that one day all your people will come together as one.

    For we are all different faces of the same humanity that you love, always and forever.

  • 19 July 2023

    God, our Father, we come to pray, we come to the source.

    Because our world has dried up and we are dying, caught as we are between the consumerism of some – of which we are sometimes one – and the crying poverty of others.

    Because our world feeds its senseless wars and starves entire populations.

    We have come to pray, to listen to your Word above all, to remind ourselves that a Source exists and that it can spring up and spring up again, that deserts can bloom again.

    That there is a Way – a sacred path – that is never defiled, and that deep down in each one of us, in every living being, this Way has already been traced, that it is already being made.

    If we are willing to let you open our eyes, open our ears deafened by well-being, free our voices from indifference.

    So that the song of hope sung by the young woman Mary for the poor of her people may still spring forth in us and through us.A song that the Spirit knows how to revive, from age to age, as soon as it finds a passage in some good will.

  • 17 July 2023

    Jesus, Lord,

    Mary’s prayer is full of the prayers of so many mothers today…

    The plea of the mother whose child is in the grip of a terrible illness.

    The desperation of the mother whose child is crying out for food, when in so many parts of the world today there is nothing left to eat.

    The torment of the mother whose child has taken up arms against his brothers, or has taken to the sea to flee to a high-risk El Dorado.

    The helplessness of the mother whose child has lost his way in drugs, delinquency and the violence of recent days.

    Jesus, Mary’s prayer is full of the prayers of these mothers who feel understood, listened to and comforted by her.

    Lord, listen and hear the prayer of your Mother!

  • 16 July 2023 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel

    Lord, God of Elijah and Mary, on this feast day for the Carmelite Order we stand before you, aware both of the beauty and relevance of our vocation and of the fragility of the future for our communities.

    And yet we believe that we have and will have a place to hold at the heart of this world. A place that is often discreet and hidden, but no less essential.

    When you call, Lord, it is always so that we set out on our journey. This implies that we risk the unknown, that we leave behind our certainties, and that we do so not just once but every day anew. Only then will we be able to allow the truth to burrow into us and through us into the heart of our societies, which are struggling to stay the course. Only in this way will we discover the promised hundredfold, and will our joy be able to make a sign. Only then will our journeys be able to encourage others not to be afraid of facing their own.

    Lord, awaken in our hearts that first love that gives itself so desperately and hopes for everything.

    Awaken and mobilise in us this Easter faith that will make your power of Life effective. For it has already crossed all our deserts and our nights, and we bless you for it, God, who can do everything in those who trust in you.

  • 15 July 2023

    Yes, Father, let the desert and the barren land be full of joy, let the hands that weaken and the knees that wobble be strengthened. Your Spirit can do this again and again, if we offer him the very little of our faith and our unquestioning acquiescence. May Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, support our prayer this evening, in the name of Jesus, the Christ, our Lord and our Brother.

  • 11 June 2023 – Blessed Sacrament Sunday

    We would like to clear your name when it is used to justify an act of barbarity!

    We would like to reiterate that you never legitimised any violence or vengeance, that you revealed a God of Love, unconditional love for everyone. Love taken to that extreme… of letting yourself be eaten! So that, nourished by this love, humanity will gradually assimilate it until the day when it will be transformed from within.

    “I will put a new spirit within you, and I will remove the stony heart from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh” – a promise made by the prophet Ezekiel (Ezek 35:26).

    If the Church makes the Eucharist, there are too many empty places in our celebrations! There are those who no longer come to Mass because they don’t understand anything about it. And there are those who choose to attend Masses where they understand neither the language nor the ritual, believing that they are thus preserving transcendence and mystery.
    Lord, this mystery is indeed too great, too inexhaustible, it “understands” us, it envelops us too much, even in our bodies, for us to ever give up trying to approach it. May your Holy Spirit revive our theological work, and above all may we know how to renew the liturgical and ecclesial translations that flow from it.