30 November 2023

The fire still rages today, often in the midst of general indifference. You have said how blessed we are to be persecuted, but we who have suffered so little for your name’s sake, dare we praise you for them?
They are robbed of their possessions and accept the conditions of pariah citizens. For their destitution and for their faith, be praised Lord.
They lose their jobs and suffer discrimination and injustice. For their perseverance and for their faith, praise the Lord.
Their places of worship are burnt down and they are forced to go underground to gather. For their courage and faith, Lord, be praised.
They share in the mystery of your Cross and draw their hope from the victory of Easter. For their joy and for their faith, be praised Lord.
For these sisters and brothers who honour your Name and carry us in the half-heartedness of our faith, we dare to call you Father.