• Easter Triduum in Carmel

    Holy Thursday: Lauds 8am, Vespers 5.30pm, Celebration of the Lord’s Supper 8pm

    Good Friday: Lauds 8am, Celebration of the Passion 5.30pm, Compline 9pm

    Holy Saturday: Lauds 8am, Office of Holy Saturday 5.30pm, Easter Vigil 9pm

    Easter Sunday: 9am Office of the Resurrection, 5.30pm Eucharist (disciples of Emmaus)

    For the Passion reading at the Palm Sunday Eucharist as well as on Good Friday at 5.30 pm and at the Easter Vigil, the congregation, the retreatants, all those who will come, are invited to participate in the readings! The time of the rehearsal will be indicated the day before on the website.


Lauds at 7 a.m. (on Monday at 8 a.m.)
Eucharist at 11 a.m.

VespScheduleers at 5.30 p.m.
Compline at 9 p.m. (except on Sunday)

You can check the times of the Eucharist on


  • 19 July 2023

    God, our Father, we come to pray, we come to the source.

    Because our world has dried up and we are dying, caught as we are between the consumerism of some – of which we are sometimes one – and the crying poverty of others.

    Because our world feeds its senseless wars and starves entire populations.

    We have come to pray, to listen to your Word above all, to remind ourselves that a Source exists and that it can spring up and spring up again, that deserts can bloom again.

    That there is a Way – a sacred path – that is never defiled, and that deep down in each one of us, in every living being, this Way has already been traced, that it is already being made.

    If we are willing to let you open our eyes, open our ears deafened by well-being, free our voices from indifference.

    So that the song of hope sung by the young woman Mary for the poor of her people may still spring forth in us and through us.A song that the Spirit knows how to revive, from age to age, as soon as it finds a passage in some good will.

  • 17 July 2023

    Jesus, Lord,

    Mary’s prayer is full of the prayers of so many mothers today…

    The plea of the mother whose child is in the grip of a terrible illness.

    The desperation of the mother whose child is crying out for food, when in so many parts of the world today there is nothing left to eat.

    The torment of the mother whose child has taken up arms against his brothers, or has taken to the sea to flee to a high-risk El Dorado.

    The helplessness of the mother whose child has lost his way in drugs, delinquency and the violence of recent days.

    Jesus, Mary’s prayer is full of the prayers of these mothers who feel understood, listened to and comforted by her.

    Lord, listen and hear the prayer of your Mother!

  • 16 July 2023 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel

    Lord, God of Elijah and Mary, on this feast day for the Carmelite Order we stand before you, aware both of the beauty and relevance of our vocation and of the fragility of the future for our communities.

    And yet we believe that we have and will have a place to hold at the heart of this world. A place that is often discreet and hidden, but no less essential.

    When you call, Lord, it is always so that we set out on our journey. This implies that we risk the unknown, that we leave behind our certainties, and that we do so not just once but every day anew. Only then will we be able to allow the truth to burrow into us and through us into the heart of our societies, which are struggling to stay the course. Only in this way will we discover the promised hundredfold, and will our joy be able to make a sign. Only then will our journeys be able to encourage others not to be afraid of facing their own.

    Lord, awaken in our hearts that first love that gives itself so desperately and hopes for everything.

    Awaken and mobilise in us this Easter faith that will make your power of Life effective. For it has already crossed all our deserts and our nights, and we bless you for it, God, who can do everything in those who trust in you.

  • 15 July 2023

    Yes, Father, let the desert and the barren land be full of joy, let the hands that weaken and the knees that wobble be strengthened. Your Spirit can do this again and again, if we offer him the very little of our faith and our unquestioning acquiescence. May Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, support our prayer this evening, in the name of Jesus, the Christ, our Lord and our Brother.

  • 11 June 2023 – Blessed Sacrament Sunday

    We would like to clear your name when it is used to justify an act of barbarity!

    We would like to reiterate that you never legitimised any violence or vengeance, that you revealed a God of Love, unconditional love for everyone. Love taken to that extreme… of letting yourself be eaten! So that, nourished by this love, humanity will gradually assimilate it until the day when it will be transformed from within.

    “I will put a new spirit within you, and I will remove the stony heart from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh” – a promise made by the prophet Ezekiel (Ezek 35:26).

    If the Church makes the Eucharist, there are too many empty places in our celebrations! There are those who no longer come to Mass because they don’t understand anything about it. And there are those who choose to attend Masses where they understand neither the language nor the ritual, believing that they are thus preserving transcendence and mystery.
    Lord, this mystery is indeed too great, too inexhaustible, it “understands” us, it envelops us too much, even in our bodies, for us to ever give up trying to approach it. May your Holy Spirit revive our theological work, and above all may we know how to renew the liturgical and ecclesial translations that flow from it.