• Easter Triduum in Carmel

    Holy Thursday: Celebration of the Lord’s Supper 8pm

    Good Friday: Celebration of the Passion 5.30pm

    Holy Saturday: Office of Holy Saturday 5.30pm, Easter Vigil 22 pm

    Easter Sunday: 9am Office of the Resurrection, 6pm Eucharist


Lauds at 7.30 a.m.
Eucharist at 11 a.m.

VespScheduleers at 5.30 p.m.
Compline at 9 p.m. (except on Sunday)

Except for “Desert Day” Mondays: Eucharist at 6 p.m. and Vespers at 6 p.m. if there is no priest.

You can check the times of the Eucharist on

That this mask
of the passer-by,
the caiman
crossing the river
from one bank to the other,
your passage
towards interiority
and Encounter,
and that the basin,
of baptismal waters,
extends the intuition
of this work of art
Sudano-Sahelian work of art.


  • 11 June 2024

    Lord our God, you have placed everything in our hands: love, peace, the future of the world.
    For your trust that hopes for us, praise be to you!
    For the earth to be human, every person must have his or her daily bread.
    For the ways of sharing that you propose to us, praise be to you!
    For a world to be human, deadly conflicts must end.
    For your peace that disarms hearts, praise be to you!
    For a world to be humane, justice must be embodied in structures
    that reduce the gap between rich and poor.
    For your solidarity that awaits us, praise be to you!
    For a world to be human, violence and hatred must be banished.
    For your weakness that sows love without exclusion, praise be to you!

  • 7 June 2024

    O Lord, God of our fathers, you who keep your covenant and shower your blessings
    from generation to generation, we ask you to give us the grace to enter into this covenant
    with all the sincerity of our hearts and to remain faithful to it. Keep us in the confidence
    of your faith in us because of Jesus, who became our brother and companion on the way,
    for time and eternity.

  • 5 June 2024

    In the story of a tiny people,
    you reveal to us, Lord, that the infinite love that dwells in the heart of man
    is like the trace of an encounter, that of man with his creator.
    You entrust us with an unfinished world, to be respected for the work of giving birth.
    We were made for happiness,
    in relationships, in healing, in forgiveness,
    in the breath of life that animates all creation.
    By contemplating the smallest gestures of love and solidarity,
    you show us, Lord, the power of this breath, Yours, ours…

  • 3 June 2024

    Father, give us strength every day to believe that life is stronger than evil.
    That there is a way out and light beyond every dead end, every night.
    That love already delivers us from death.
    Give us the gift of listening to the source of true happiness, to the disconcerting
    and inexhaustible calls of life, of what rises from the immense inner spaces
    within us.
    Give us the ability to recognise the new that is happening,
    to marvel at it, to help it grow,
    with a passion for love and hope that never lets us rest.
    Give us the ability to move forward into the open sea, clear-sighted,
    agreeing not to restrict the gift we have made of ourselves
    so that your Kingdom may come.
    Give us faith in what we do together,
    by welcoming others’ differences,
    becoming freer of ourselves every day.

  • 1 June 2024

    Lord our God,
    we give you thanks for Jesus, the brother of all those who seek God,
    may his Name bring us together, may the beauty of his Gospel be our strength
    in the fight against the forces that divide,
    may the beauty of his Gospel be our strength in the fight against the forces that divide, the fight that makes us brothers and sisters and in solidarity,
    following in the footsteps of Jesus, who tirelessly awakens us to a responsible humanity…