• Easter Triduum in Carmel

    Holy Thursday: Celebration of the Lord’s Supper 8pm

    Good Friday: Celebration of the Passion 5.30pm

    Holy Saturday: Office of Holy Saturday 5.30pm, Easter Vigil 22 pm

    Easter Sunday: 9am Office of the Resurrection, 6pm Eucharist


Lauds at 7.30 a.m.
Eucharist at 11 a.m.

VespScheduleers at 5.30 p.m.
Compline at 9 p.m. (except on Sunday)

Except for “Desert Day” Mondays: Eucharist at 6 p.m. and Vespers at 6 p.m. if there is no priest.

You can check the times of the Eucharist on

That this mask
of the passer-by,
the caiman
crossing the river
from one bank to the other,
your passage
towards interiority
and Encounter,
and that the basin,
of baptismal waters,
extends the intuition
of this work of art
Sudano-Sahelian work of art.


  • 13 July 2024

    Dear Lord,
    Hear our voice when we ask you to breathe into the hearts of all men the wisdom
    the wisdom of peace, the determination of justice.
    Hear our voice when it echoes from the multitudes in every country
    and under every sky do not want war and are ready to walk the road of peace
    and conciliation. May we too be ready, and for this we ask you
    with the strength of your Spirit, the courage to disarm our hearts.
    Hear our voices, Father, and in them, the voice of Jesus. Through him, grant the world peace,
    in this time and for all eternity.

  • 10 July 2024

    Lord God,
    Like Jeremiah, we stammer when we have to open our mouths.
    Like Jeremiah, we step aside when your Word comes upon us
    and, like Elijah, we want a hollow in the rock where we can hide our face.
    You know us completely and we still know you so little.
    Your mystery, God, belongs to you, as do the many ways in which you come to us.
    Give us this respectful prayer that does not fear the dark, but remains alert,
    trusting that your Word carries within it the light of a plan of Love.

  • 7 July 2024

    Lord our God,
    to guide us on the path where you yourself come to meet us, you give us a single word
    that contains all the others: “You will love”. Let it be the lamp of our steps.
    Your Word is like bread. Give us the gift of savouring it, of sharing it
    and draw strength from it for our journey.
    Your Word is like water. May it irrigate in us all that is barren or dried up
    and lead us to its source.
    Your Word is like fire. May it enlighten us and warm us,
    may it burn us with the desire for communion.
    Your Word is like the earth. Root us in it so that we may experience
    the solidity and constancy of everything you give, demand and promise.
    Lord God, your Word has taken on for us a face and a name; in Jesus Christ we have recognised your infinite nearness and your goodness.
    your infinite closeness and goodness. May his life as a man of brotherhood and solidarity, linked to you with all his being, be
    the trail of light that guides our journey in humanity. It is through him that we pray to you, God our Father
    Father, in the Spirit that unites you for all eternity.

  • 6 July 2024

    Unique God,
    God who blesses all that lives and breathes, we praise you.
    Your Name is inscribed in the depths of every human being,
    in that secret place where he knows he is made in your image: unique.
    Your Name can only be deciphered through the eyes of love.
    Your Name can only be spoken with respect for others,
    however poor they may be.
    One God,
    before whom our hearts cannot be divided,
    teach us the unity of love,
    the unity of our own hearts, which cannot be divided,
    to love you and to love our brothers and sisters.
    Return us unceasingly
    by the unique and unifying breath of your Spirit,
    given to us all in Jesus Christ.

  • 4 July 2024

    Faithful God,
    may your Spirit be given to us,
    bearer of that love which harmonises what ours has put out of tune.
    May it work in us, deeply, and help us to recognise
    the divine seed germinating within us.
    We ask this in communion with all humanity,
    invited to choose the path of the Beatitudes,
    through Jesus Christ, who through us shares in the fullness of your Life.