25 February 2024

Lord, we know our fears, our weariness and our resignation.
But we also know your tireless desire to challenge us to new beginnings.
May listening to your word and the assurance of your Presence rekindle in us the desire to respond to the call
that you keep issuing to us.
May the Spirit who makes all things new, keep us in the joy of being with Jesus and in communion
with our sisters and brothers along the way for all time.

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22 February 2024

Lord our God, you are overflowing with love for us and we are still calculating.
Teach us about your generosity!
You run to meet us and we are still reluctant to take a step.
Give us a share in your momentum!
You commit yourself without counting the cost and we are still waiting for certainty.
Open our hearts to your grace!
Just when we think we’ve arrived, you’re there, ahead of us, encouraging us to keep going.
Give us faith in your presence!
You are always ready to sow with great gestures and large hands, trusting in the seed that will
Don’t stop believing in us.

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18 February 2024

Holy Spirit, open to us the path of the desert,
This place of the heart where, in the face of oneself, weapons are silenced;
This place of listening, where the word of peace is heard in the midst of words;
This place of trust and friendship where we can live together in peace.
Holy Spirit, open to us the path of the desert,
The path of life, of the new life that is the fruit of Jesus’ Passover,
Offered to our thirst, given like manna for our journey.
Holy Spirit, guide us on the way of Jesus.

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14 February 2024 – Ash Wednesday

Lord God, you created us in your image, modeled with the fine dust of the ground, you clothed us with the beauty of the divine nature. But we have broken this alliance, lost the likeness, closed our hands on the vanity of idols…So you sent your Son Jesus so that his humanity may clothe these beings of dust that we are with Your light, and that his Spirit may regenerate us! Our dry bones, you want them to live and dance, for your service and the service of our sisters and brothers.

In this time of Lent, we resume our walk, on the dusty soil of this world, but already renewed in faith, hope and charity, by the grace of the Resurrection of Christ, your only Son and our brother.

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31 December 2023

Lord, God of Life, how many times in the course of this year have we walked through reality as if on a thread above the abyss, with faith in a Promise heard in the hollow of our ears as the only support for our steps, while wars and injustices continue to turn our world upside down? How often, in the midst of threat, has an unsuspected space opened up, a space in which love, creation and relationships are still possible?

Your coming in our flesh, Lord, did not establish peace or justice on our earth. You have not eliminated evil, you have not protected us from any pain, but you have opened the way to another fullness. That of Tenderness that makes us love life even when we don’t understand it, even when the tragic or the absurd seem to take over.

For this look that comes to us through the face of Emmanuel and that reminds us that we are all inevitably promised to your Life, Father, we give you thanks, this evening and until the last day.

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Christmas 25 December 2023

Since the dawn of time, Lord, the Child has danced with the wind, the stars have come to life beneath his feet, and his steps have woven gold into the void: Blessed art thou for He who saves us!

The Child is born with a gaze from which there is no escape. A gaze capable of stopping all the world’s wars in an instant. A mirror of the Mystery. Summoned to live, the Child in turn summons.

The Child casts his gaze over the world like a watchful radar, a lie detector, a blotter of truth. He summons us to be who we are, in the truest sense of ourselves.

The new-born Child in the midst of uncertainty tells us that we are permanently vulnerable, that there is not much earth under our feet and not much shelter over our heads. But it also tells us that being vulnerable can be the best part of our lives.

The Child who is born is the emergence of Life at the height of chaos. The intimate intertwining of life and danger. It is the cross that our baptisms as the living draw on all our foreheads. Blessed are you, Lord, for He who saves us!

Lord, God of the impossible, this morning a newborn child bears the Hope of the world. He stands there, in the breach, in almost nothing. But in height and depth, everything is immense: everything is possible. May we know how to stand there with the Child, in the vibrant moment of perhaps, in you, God, at the Source of Life, to carry the Hope of the world, together.

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1 December 2023 – For opening of COP28

As COP 28 gets underway, bless you for reminding us, along with Pope Francis, that the suffering of mankind and the earth are inextricably linked.

Blessed are you for reminding us that we all have a share of responsibility, however small our gestures of conversion and sobriety;

Blessed are you for reminding us that our horizons touch and that what happens far away has origins and repercussions in what we have set in motion here;

Blessed are you for reminding us that thousands of brothers and sisters must flee a land that has become uninhabitable and that we have a duty to welcome them because we are responsible for what has ruined their economic balance, their land and their cultural know-how;

Blessed are you for reminding us that neither the earth, nor the oceans, nor the forests belong to us and are not commodities that can be bought and sold for the benefit of the rich.

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30 November 2023

The fire still rages today, often in the midst of general indifference. You have said how blessed we are to be persecuted, but we who have suffered so little for your name’s sake, dare we praise you for them?
They are robbed of their possessions and accept the conditions of pariah citizens. For their destitution and for their faith, be praised Lord.
They lose their jobs and suffer discrimination and injustice. For their perseverance and for their faith, praise the Lord.
Their places of worship are burnt down and they are forced to go underground to gather. For their courage and faith, Lord, be praised.
They share in the mystery of your Cross and draw their hope from the victory of Easter. For their joy and for their faith, be praised Lord.
For these sisters and brothers who honour your Name and carry us in the half-heartedness of our faith, we dare to call you Father.

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30 September 2023

Blessed are you, Lord our God, for the joy of journeying together as a people! This evening we want to graft our prayer onto the one that rises up to you from Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, where sisters and brothers in Christ have gathered from all over the world. On them, as on all of us, we call your Holy Spirit, Counsellor and Guide.

On the brothers of Taizé who are at the origin of this gathering, on the young people who have come to join them, on the members of the Synodal Assembly of the Catholic Church, on the leaders and delegates of the different Churches and Christian Communities, on the multitude of other people throughout the world who, like us, are in prayer this evening.

With all these people, we give you thanks, God, Source of all gifts, for the steps already taken along the synodal path since its opening in 2021.

Thanks be to you for the journey towards Christian Unity, a Unity that is already very real, experienced in so many places, and which allows us to hope that theological reflection will also follow.

Thanks be to you for helping us to discover that the other is a gift, that those whom we see as marginalised, in society and in the Church, truly help us to widen the space of the tent.

Thanks be to you for all those who create peace around them, for the witnesses who, in the midst of our wars or in the midst of an exodus, live and act as sons and daughters of God, inhabited by the Peace of the Risen Christ.

Thanks be to you for the gift of Creation and for those who commit body and soul to caring for our Common Home.

Receive as our evening offering, God our Father, our hearts filled with gratitude, our willingness to walk together and unite our voices in prayer, our hope that one day all your people will come together as one.

For we are all different faces of the same humanity that you love, always and forever.

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19 July 2023

God, our Father, we come to pray, we come to the source.

Because our world has dried up and we are dying, caught as we are between the consumerism of some – of which we are sometimes one – and the crying poverty of others.

Because our world feeds its senseless wars and starves entire populations.

We have come to pray, to listen to your Word above all, to remind ourselves that a Source exists and that it can spring up and spring up again, that deserts can bloom again.

That there is a Way – a sacred path – that is never defiled, and that deep down in each one of us, in every living being, this Way has already been traced, that it is already being made.

If we are willing to let you open our eyes, open our ears deafened by well-being, free our voices from indifference.

So that the song of hope sung by the young woman Mary for the poor of her people may still spring forth in us and through us.A song that the Spirit knows how to revive, from age to age, as soon as it finds a passage in some good will.

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