7 July 2024

Lord our God,
to guide us on the path where you yourself come to meet us, you give us a single word
that contains all the others: “You will love”. Let it be the lamp of our steps.
Your Word is like bread. Give us the gift of savouring it, of sharing it
and draw strength from it for our journey.
Your Word is like water. May it irrigate in us all that is barren or dried up
and lead us to its source.
Your Word is like fire. May it enlighten us and warm us,
may it burn us with the desire for communion.
Your Word is like the earth. Root us in it so that we may experience
the solidity and constancy of everything you give, demand and promise.
Lord God, your Word has taken on for us a face and a name; in Jesus Christ we have recognised your infinite nearness and your goodness.
your infinite closeness and goodness. May his life as a man of brotherhood and solidarity, linked to you with all his being, be
the trail of light that guides our journey in humanity. It is through him that we pray to you, God our Father
Father, in the Spirit that unites you for all eternity.