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28 May 2024

Lord our God,
we bless you for your beautiful and good creation,
but we have hijacked it in our greed to devour its resources,
we have diverted the purpose for which you created this world to our own comfort.
Ecological awareness reminds us that saving the planet is in our hands.
And you continue to entrust it to us to make it beautiful,
with our love, our conversion, our sharing…
God, who loves and seeks man down to the depths of his misery,
blessed are you for the One who is forever reaching out to us, Jesus Christ!
In Him we are co-creators of the new earth, and for that we thank you.

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26 May 2024

Lord, how long is the road to knowledge.
Will it take us all eternity to know you and to know ourselves?
Today we see only a pale reflection, but in the mirror of your Love
it is your warm, welcoming light that gradually reveals us to ourselves.
At the beginning of the world you said: “Let there be light” and there was light.
And that was good. So that your light may be in our lives, keep us in your Name
so that we may enjoy the benefits of your presence,
from now until eternity.

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25 May 2024

Dear Lord,
By your Spirit, fashion for us a simple heart that does not relish sadness
By your Spirit, give us a faithful and generous heart that forgets no good but rejects evil
By your Spirit, give us a gentle and humble heart that loves without counting the cost
Through your Spirit, give us a heart that is wide and open, that is not closed by ingratitude,
that no indifference wearies.

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23 May 2024

Spirit, source of unity,
on this new day, teach us to gather the smallest pearl of happiness
that the dew of your love deposits in the hollow of our hands
as on the corolla of flowers.
Teach us to savour these small joys, these rays of sunshine
and may these sparks of love spread from one to the next
and light up a multitude.

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21 May 2024

God’s breath that speaks in us more than flesh and blood,
sometimes without our knowing it,
to lead us where we do not know, Praise be to you!
God’s breath that keeps our faith alive, our contemplation of the Scriptures luminous,
hope serene and strong, Praise be to you!
Breath of God, fire that burns away the dross of pride, rekindles the ashes of our discouragement
and dissolve fear, Praise be to you!
God’s breath for our land
that makes us speak each other’s language,
build bridges and crumble the walls of our prejudices, Praise be to you!
Breath of God, never leave us alone,
rekindle in us the impulse to pray,
and the joy of knowing that we are all enveloped in the love of the same Father, Praise be to you!

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20 May 2024

When two or three are gathered in my name
I am there among them.
We cling to this promise.
Blessed are you for being there,
without looking at our inattentiveness, at our hearts so poorly dressed for the meeting.
You are there, and to your Name we are grafted to pray,
You tame for us the silence of God, your Father,
whom you say is also our Father.
And you lend us your Spirit,
so that in our hearts it breathes the unspeakable Name without Him, without You
Jesus our Brother, first-born, blessed are you to be here
to gather us together in your Name.

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19 May 2024

they were gathered together in the upper room
with some women, including Mary,
they were praying, waiting, as you had told them.
Our upper room this evening is our hearts,
they too are filled with expectation
that our words cannot capture,
a longing that you yourself never cease to explore.
Perhaps God created us this way, beings of lack?
So that we can experience everything
that it is not this, nor that,
in every place, that it is neither here nor there.
So that we may tirelessly seek you,
you who made us for you.
So with them, we too stand in the upper room,
waiting for what you have promised us,
the Breath of Life, of Life in abundance.

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18 May 2024

God our Father,
we thank you for your Spirit,
that great artisan of communication,
the servant of truth
who encourages listening, respect and dialogue.
May He visit us, speak to us again about You
and speak to You about us who are still on the road.
We pray this through Jesus, the mediator of Your peace for all ages.

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15 May 2024

Holy Spirit, force of life
Who ignores the frontiers of cultures and religions,
past and present,
come and renew the face of the earth!
Holy Spirit, force of life
Who knows how to open the closed doors of our hearts,
unmask our idols, overthrow the powers,
come and renew the face of the earth!
Holy Spirit, force of life
who frees us from fear and submission to fate
and inspire oppressed peoples
with courage,
come and renew the face of the earth!
Holy Spirit, force of life
Who breaks down the barriers of contempt and racism,
to create links and build bridges,
come and renew the face of the earth!

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13 May 2024

Jesus, ascend to your Father and our Father,
may the promised Spirit come!
May he keep alive in us the fire of the Gospel,
May it set the earth ablaze!
May men and women of peace arise,
inspired by your breath
to renew the face of the earth
in your Name, blessed for ever!

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